CDCA comprises IT and technology lawyers that leverage their understanding of the market to develop sensible and ingenious solutions to business issues. Delivering tailor made strategies for clients who operate in the technology, media and telecommunications sectors requires CDCA’s team of lawyers to be at the cutting-edge of technology, with a thorough understanding of existing and emerging mediums while also demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of legal practice. Our work involves the intricate details necessary for the Technology, Media and Telecommunication sector by specially professionalizing in IT, Media and Advertising Law and the Defense Industry. 

CDCA helps clients develop, protect and setup innovative technologies operating in electronics, internet and e-commerce, software, health, energy and other industries. We provide technology companies with strategic business, legal and governmental advice at every stage of a company’s business life. We support our clients from the creation and protection of ideas, growth of their businesses and in forming market leadership, to mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. Our technology lawyers also collaborate with our litigation lawyers to analyze and reduce the chance of lawsuit.