We have extensive experience of advising market players on a wide range of capital markets transactions.

Investors and market players must consider increasingly innovative and complex financing solutions as they return to the capital markets. They require greater assistant to protect their covenants and new levels of transparency and disclosure.

Lawyers and capital markets participants must be more able to handle complex issues and need more to find tailored strategic solutions than ever–constantly adapting to market changes, interpreting the many layers of regulations and understanding what investors are looking for in an evolving environment.

Our capital markets practice cover the whole spectrum of capital markets work and offers advice to domestic and foreign underwriters, issuers and investment funds in all types of transactions including not only capital markets but also equity, quity-linked and structured products, debt offerings, structured debt, residential mortgage purchase and sale,  securitizations,  high yield and private placements. We advise major market players including leading financial institutions, collective investment undertakings, corporates, first time issuers and other new players in the capital markets. We also provide day-to-day legal advice on capital markets to publicly traded companies on regulatory compliance and provide legal advice on licensing of capital markets institutions.